The Raw Art

I can’t afford to love NY (pictured below) is a great piece of art work by the artist Mariano of Argentinean descent. When shopping at the  Bryant Park holiday shops a couple of months I was so impressed with this piece of art. Everything else in the shops looked so generic it was like walking through a mall, which was very disheartening for me. I loved going to the holiday shops looking for unique and special things, and I almost walked out thinking there were no special shops left thankfully my eye caught Mariano’s work right before I walked out of the shops and he proved me wrong. His work is sort of pop art meets NY meets graffiti (NY isn’t graffiti anymore). Pictured are some of my favorite pieces. Mariano also does custom pieces. I really want one like the Marilyn Monroe one but with Dame Elizabeth Taylor emphasizing of course her eyes! And as conceited as it may sound I want one of myself also like Marilyn Monroe’s emphasizing my red lips. It was such a wonderful find and I plan on purchasing some pieces real soon. Mariano lives in Brooklyn you can get in contact with him and or purchase his works either through his Etsy or Facebook pages.

Xx Ana