Agent Provocateur brings sexy back

Most lingerie nowadays bores me to tears, it isn’t sexy in my opinion it is boring with too much padding and not enough imagination. Thank god for Agent Provocateur, they are definitely bringing sexy back. Lingerie is supposed to make you feel sexy whether you are wearing it under a paper bag or under an Herve Leger dress, good lingerie makes you feel confident and sexy with a dash of slutty. The line was started by Vivine Westwoods son Joseph Corre and his now ex wife Serena Rees, talent definitely runs in that family. They no longer owns it though, it was sold in 2007.Whenever I have a meeting or a job interview or a presentation under my prim and proper outfit is always some extremely sexy lingerie. I think Agent Provocateur gets this dead on. Swarovski crystal pasties YES PLEASE!!! Blindfolds that say seduce me, tease me etc FUCK YEA! Agent Provocateur is high end fashion forward lingerie and I’m obsessed! I feel like no one else is really doing what they are doing.