Gavin Degraw….Groupie Status

So I turned into a bit of a super fan this past weekend and  I wanna share some of my experiences and pictures. I am so in love with Gavin Degraw, this is actually the first concert (in Central Park woot woot) I pay to go see o_o He is so handsome and his songs are so good. Ahhhh ever since I was 13 I’ve been in love with that man and I finally got to meet him!!! After the concert he went to the bar he owns, and my best friend and I stalked him there like groupies lol. He definitely did not disappoint in the concert nor in person. He was amazing live, joking around with the crowd making all of the girls swoon. And in person he was extremely sweet! Extremely thankful that our groupie asses went to his concert and then stalked him to his bar. He signed my cd (I bought it when I was 13 insert teenage girl scream here) and kept thanking me and my friend for coming out to the concert and his after party (basically thanked us for stalking him lol). Colbie Callait is on tour with him as well and damn her vocals are great she’s such a cutie too. Andy Grammer opened for them and jumped into the crowd of crazy teenager (brave or crazy?). Back to Gavin I love him, the end lol.

xx Blu