Nars Andy Warhol

Whenever there is a collaboration between brands that I love, or whenever there’s some special limited edition anything coming out you can bet that I want it! So when I heard one of my first introductions into art, Andy Warhol and one of my favorite Make-up brands (Nars) was doing a collaboration you can bet your ass I lost my shit. All I saw was Andy’s face on those cute little make-up palettes and all I could think was I FUCKING WANT THAT SHIT!!! Fast forward to the Alexander Wang after party, I got my Polaroid taken by some cool chick that hands me a little Nars bag. When I get home I open the bag and the first thing I see is shiny silver packaging and then the words Andy Warhol. I got Andy Warhol/Nars nail polish wooohooo and the next day I put it on in a rush no base or topcoat I just needed it on! The nail polish is called TV Party and it is such a pretty orange I keep getting compliments on it and don’t want to take it off (Also my hands look a little bit green because I took the pictures in the middle of my media workshop class and we were playing with chalk). But I will be taking it off soon cuz I managed to snag two Nars bags and I gotta put on the other polish asap! The collection starts coming out October 1st sign up on the Nars website for more info!

Xx Ana